Small patch to use inspect.cleandoc instead of docrep.dedents


This release just adds some new interpretation features to extract the parser description and the epilog from the parsed function. They might changed how your parser looks drastically!


  • The default formatter_class for the FuncArgParser is now the argparse.RawHelpFormatter, which makes sense since we expect that the documentations are already nicely formatted

  • When calling the FuncArgParser.setup_args() method, we also look for the Notes and References sections which will be included in the epilog of the parser. If you want to disable this feature, just initialize the parser with:

    parser = FuncArgParser(epilog_sections=[])

    This feature might cause troubles when being used in sphinx documentations in conjunction with the sphinx-argparse package. For this, you can change the formatting of the heading with the FuncArgParser.epilog_formatter attribute


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